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The story of Lecklé

Lecklé bases on an urge to create a new national law practice that employs 50+ consultants and provides high quality services within the fields of business law and taxation in the capital area and other regions of Finland. Our assignments are often teamwork, and they are typically associated with business law, taxation and numerical expertise. Everything we do is based on firm expertise.

We wish to renew the legal field and dare the traditional impressions regarding lawyers and legal services. We wish to demonstrate that lawyers are mostly pleasant people and that legal services should be seen first and foremost as an opportunity instead of an unpleasant mandatory obligation.

In order to renew the industry, we constantly strive to renew ourselves. To achieve the aforesaid goal, everyone at Lecklé has the opportunity to participate in the development of our common work community as well as designing our services. Regardless of our actions being guided by expertise and knowledge, we shall not focus solely on titles, education or years of work experience. Everything revolves around attitude and passion.

With regard to our spirit of always enabling new solutions, we have lately broadened our services to accommodate Corporate Finance- and HR–services. Owing to the aforesaid, we have now transformed from a law practice to a consultancy practice!

We are building a national consultancy practice especially for two reasons:


We want to serve our clients extensively, assuring that high profile services in the fields of business law, taxation, Corporate Finance and HR are available also in regions of Finland outside the capital area. Customer relations (human relations), customer service and developing our services is at the heart of our operations.


We wish to offer a new interesting additionai opportunity to for example lawyers and financial specialists in the labour market. Our positioning to smaller cities enables you to get employed with regard to high profile business law- and taxation related tasks in a dynamic work place.

Our journey has just begun and we would be eager to meet you as a possible co-worker, client or other co-operation partner. Perhaps you shall be a part of the Lecklé family in the future.



Lecklé is an entity that strengthens growth, improvement and learning.

We act as an enabler towards our own personnel as well as our customers.

We encourage determination and always aim to find the most flawless option possible to enhance improvement.


We cherish our high level of professional expertise and constantly develop our skills regarding substance matters.

We actively upkeep our professional expertise through training, as well as self-education from everyday learning and open feedback. Additionally, we have a desire to learn from our customers.

Our operations are of the highest standard, and we genuinely aim to serve the customer.


Honesty is our biggest priority in everything we do – also when it is ought to overrule the business activities.

We genuinely and honestly disclose what is best for our customer. We converse and operate sincerely in-house as well.

We genuinely operate as ourselves and we dare to show it amongst colleagues and to our customers as well.


We genuinely care about our customer and always make sure that the assignment at hand gets comprehensively completed. Caring comes across to the customer for example through the sensation that all of the matters related to the assignment are duly and comprehensively taken care of.

We care about each other both as professionals and as humans, and we have a low level of hierarchy.

Caring consists of, among other things, minor deeds in the everyday life, open ended communications and swift reactions.

Active positivity

We show our activity as pro-active behavior towards our customers and active co-operations towards other groups of interest. We behave actively everywhere.

Positivity is an undertone to all our activities at Lecklé. It does not mean falling silent regarding more complicated matters or smiling constantly. Rather, it means seeing opportunities and solutions all around us.

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