Ar­ja Leh­to

Tax Advisor
+35840 709 2833
LL.M. M.Sc. (Econ.)

Who would have thought that the tarot-card prophecy in 1996 could hit it right, when the cards told me that I would end up working in the field of taxation. However, this is what happened, and from 2003 I have had the chance to get acquainted with the wonders of taxation, first in the Finnish Tax Administration and then in a consulting role at KPMG and now at Lecklé. I try to be a specialist who helps the client to get to the best result with the expertise of myself and my team – in an Ostrobothnian way – straightforward without unnecessary twists and turns.

My work usually relates to company’s ownership and structure arrangements and corporate, family and inheritance law without forgetting accounting and crunching the numbers.

My motto:

When I watch my desk in the Monday mornings, wisdom, which I recently bumped into, comes to my mind: You don’t know what you have until – you clean your room!

Special expertise