Si­mo Ka­he­lin

+35840 620 1185

I am easily approachable, however highly punctual lawyer. My strength is translating complex legal jargon to clear and comprehensible bundles for the client. In client-oriented work, the most satisfying object is to provide a solution to the problem in the most practical way possible.

My tasks include handling dispute assignments as well as tasks related to labor law. My desk is located at the Helsinki office.

I graduated from the University of Eastern Finland in the fall of 2021, majoring in commercial law and dispute resolution. During my studies, I did a full year of exchange studies at the University of Valencia. Before Leckle, I have gained experience from smaller law firms and at the Helsinki region Chamber of Commerce.

Trivia about me

Outside the office you can find me “serving justice” on the football fields as a referee in the division level

Special expertise