Te­ro Kur­vi­nen

CEO, Lecklé Corporate Finance Oy
+35840 352 8382
M.Sc. (Econ.)

I have gathered diverse expertise in judicial- and financial fields of work since 2015. Prior to my career at Lecklé, I have been working for a Big Four company, specializing in for example tasks related to corporate restructuring and corporate law, as well as assignments regarding taxational planning of corporate assets , especially with regard to small and medium-sized enterprises. While working for Lecklé I have gained diverse experience of various corporate restructuring and acquisition projects. Additionally, I have been developing Lecklé’s Corporate Finance -line of business  since the beginning. I hold a master’s degree in business administration and I’m currently working on another master's degree in industrial engineering and management at Tampere University.

My special expertise lies in corporate restructuring and acquisition processes, corporate analysis, as well as financial modeling.

In my free time I will most probably be found from the golf course, jogging or ice swimming.

My motto: 

To cite author James Clear: all big things come from small beginnings.