Sa­mi-Pet­te­ri Ki­vi­mä­ki

CEO, Lecklé HR Lead Oy
+358 40 139 5780

I am ambitious and goal-oriented person, who takes a passionate attitude for working. Leading people and developing organizations are close to my heart. I also enjoy working closely in the client interface.

I act as the CEO of Lecklé HR Lead. The vision of our HR-services is to help our clients to gain competitive edge from leading. I also participate actively in coachings in our client projects and I spar and coach with managers, larger groups and teams.

In Lecklé-group I am responsible for the development of our personnel and our working culture.

I have 15 years of experience in sport as a professional coach. I have coached both men’s and women’s top teams successfully and led professional organizations and I utilize the knowledge and learning from it in our internal matters as well as in the client work and projects.