Jen­na Mui­lu

+35840 013 7120
M.Sc. (Admin.)

I am a people-oriented Master of Administrative Sciences who enjoys meeting customers face to face.

I come from South Karelia and have settled in Jyväskylä after the years spent in Helsinki and Joensuu. I graduated from the University of Eastern Finland majoring in European law.

Before joining Lecklé, I worked in a law firm, mainly assisting in matters concerning family, inheritance and insolvency law. At Lecklé, I participate versatilely in assignments in taxation and business law, assisting especially in assignments related to family property law. I am also responsible for various administrative tasks and that the given rules and instructions are followed in the everyday life of the office.

Before practicing law, I worked for several years in the real estate industry and I am a licensed real estate agent. The long work experience gained in the field of trade has given me good base for meeting people and handling different kinds of situations.

I do my work meticulously, efficiently and listening to the customer.

In my free time, I'm most likely to be found on the golf course or jogging paths around the lake, or cheering on the side of the football or floorball court.

Fun Fact

I love planning and hosting theme parties.

Special expertise