Ju­ho Wal­len­berg

+35840 162 5687
LL.M. M.Sc. (Econ.)

My starting point is always finding the best possible outcome for our clients, even if it requires hard work and will. I am solution-oriented and practical. I bring extra value especially when finding a solution or for example the formation of contract requires building a trusting relationship between the parties.

I enjoy especially working with the clients and solving clients’ legal problems. My passion is to be a long-lasting strategic partner for family companies and startups. Besides the legal matters, I want to take into account the business needs of the clients and the commercial aspects. In addition to helping the family companies and startups, I have also had the chance to help corporations in the public sector.

Already during my studies, in addition to law, I was interested in economics, which also led to complementary degrees (Master of Laws, Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration). I graduated in 2005, after which I worked in the district court for a year. After that I have worked in business-legal expert positions, first in a law firm, and then in a Big Four-company for about 10 years. Entrepreneurship has always been close to my heart and in 2019 I joined the Lecklé-story. It is my pleasure to be a part of the growth of Lecklé with our top team. In my working career I have gathered not only experience but also different understandings and views for different challenges.

My special expertise are corporate restructurings, transactions, corporate law and financial arrangements. I get excited about different business arrangements again and again. In these I get to combine law and numbers. I assist extensively also in other tax and business law challenges alone or together with my great team. I also act as a public notary and I have lectured at the university for over 10 years.

The clients have valued my will to find the best possible solution in every situation, my commercial approach and my ability to break out complex questions to articulated advices. The best thank you in my work is a satisfied client.

In free time you can find me in the forest, at the gym or skiing.