Kris­ta Hän­ni­nen

+35840 186 3471

I’m from Northern Savonia but currently live in Helsinki. I’m a fifth-year student at the University of Lapland, so the thesis project and graduation await me in the near future.

During my studies, I’ve had the honor of working in different communities, such as a small law firm, the Big Four company, the Tax Administration and Osuuspankki.  In these communities I’ve accumulated experience in, for example, tax law, dispute resolution, criminal law and inheritance law. My goal is to find the field of law that interests me the most and become a real professional in it.

I always aim for performing tasks precisely and practically. I'm approachable and my smile does not freeze even in a difficult situation . One of the most important measures of success is clients’ satisfaction. As a lawyer it is important to earn clients’ trust and consider their interest.

According to one of Savonian’s life guidelines: Anna kaekkes, vua elä periks (always give your all and never give up with funny slang)

Special expertise