Tyt­ti Haa­ra­nen

+35840 071 9743

I am a versatile lawyer specializing in labor and corporate law with a positive work ethic. In my career, I have worked as a lawyer e.g. in a law firm, an accounting firm and an international auditing firm. In addition, I have worked as a trainee judge in the District Court of Central Finland.

In my duties, I have assisted my clients, for example, in issues related to labor law and company law, drafting and commenting on various contracts, and extensive business legal arrangements and entities.

In addition to law, I have a special interest in themes related to personnel management and HR matters, and I have been able to participate in the development of these areas at Lecklé. Good people management and supervisory work are the keystones of a successful organization, and in many situations that arise in work communities, I think it is important to see and know how to take into account not only the related jurisprudence but also HR themes.

In my work, customer satisfaction and the fact that assignments are handled as flexibly and holistically as possible in the best possible way are important to me.